Fund town operation management

The company provides business service support for domestic and overseas equity investment funds, fund companies and other enterprises, and can provide one-to-one service for the settled enterprises, convenient green approval.Assisting the government departments in improving supporting policy services, including setting up special funds for the development of fund town and refining supporting measures.


Business education and capital market training

Fucheng College is a business elite training institution and financial talent training center under the fund town of Mianyang Science and Technology City. The College has opened up a variety of learning resources related to finance and enterprise management to outstanding young elites and entrepreneurs through the resources of faculty and financial investment groups of famous universities at home and abroad.


Venture Capital and Industrial investment

The fund town initiated the establishment of 10 billion-scale "China Science and Technology Fucheng Industrial Development Fund".We set up various forms of functional funds (such as  venture capital fund, PE equity investment fund, etc.) to form a multi-level fund financial investment service system, improve the connotation and quality of fund towns,and further guide fund institutions to settle in, so as to promote industry and society .



Mianyang Gaoneng Zhiyuan Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. was established in February 2019, and it is committed to the “World Fund Capital” Luxembourg, which is committed to building China (Mianyang) Science and Technology City Fund Town into a leading domestic and internationally renowned fund gathering area. At the same time, the company has developed into a leading company with strong capital and outstanding reputation.

The company focuses on the fund incubation business and provides comprehensive support for the fund company’s early development. The company has abundant resources, and its shareholders and strategic cooperation institutions include state-owned companies, large-scale industrial capital, and equity investment groups. The company plans to cooperate with more than 100 small and medium-sized fund companies to form a scale of 100 billion management. By integrating the resources of shareholders and affiliates, the company has achieved the goal of 10 billion yuan with the support of government guidance funds, international capital, social capital, and financial institutions.


The core team of the company has overseas study background and employment experience, has a global perspective, is familiar with domestic and foreign business culture, and has rich experience in equity investment, investment banking IPO, securities fund, brokerage trust and other financial fields.